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NIELSEN DESIGN is a small architectural firm specializing in buildings that are distinct in design and sustainably built. We achieve this by working with clients and builders that have a passion for modern design and green building practice.


Our design is informed by international imagery and grounded in regional integrity. We strive for solutions that comment on the moment and the place. Our building forms are site specific and seamlessly integrated with current building practice and green technology. As a result, we create cutting edge buildings, which happen to be green.


Past and current projects are rooted in energy efficiency. Our building practice involves site analysis, super insulated building envelopes, passive solar design for heat gain, thermal mass, high efficiency appliances and equipment, as well as solar thermal and solar electric technology. Our most recent projects have been net zero energy and have received LEED for Homes Platinum certification.


Our firm is small and professional.  We work with an outstanding team of strategic partners and consultants. Our relationships with our engineers and builders are very important to our process and to our success. Whether the project is small or large we have the experience and team to accomplish the task. Our clients can always count on excellent attention to their project and to their specific needs. We can provide excellent client references for every project we have been involved with.


We are excited to be doing what we are doing. Architecture is our passion, and building green is gratifying. We believe that most people want to live in and interact with buildings that represent their own unique personalities.


Corey Nielsen


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