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A Scandinavian inspired square-gable and cube. This understated landmark offers a simple and distinct imagery. We designed two offset volumes further defined by a siding aspect reversal that quietly underlines the massing. The result is surprisingly effective in defining the cube from the gable. We used the existing footprint and foundation of the original building and added a second level with generous ceiling heights. A reasonable if not small overall size reveals itself inside with large open spaces faced with stained pine and generous windows capturing surprising views.  Because of the small lot size, the addition has a rooftop desk to replace its own lost outdoor footprint, and with the added benefit of viewing the mountains to the west. The feeling of this home is practical and smart in function, and relaxed and elegant in mood.

Project Type: New Residential 

Size: 2143 SQ FT

Location: Boulder, CO

Status: Project completion 2018

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